Community Media against Austerity

Austerity Media

These two shorts by Communact below were seen in 2 recent film festivals in Scotland .It’s all about a culture debate into volunteering groups and indie film making
Two of the films here are mentioned in the programme by Radical film Networking festival but the comedy short (i’m on a Programme!)was also featured in another festival, the Declaration festival which followed a discussion into the right to an adequate standard of living in light of recent austerity in Europe -please follow these links.


1:45pm – 3pm

Described as
‘A daringly eclectic collection of work from Scotland-based filmmakers.’


Christian Zanone / 5m / 2016 / Documentary
An exploration of voluntary community action that also highlights the issues and challenges faced by residents of the director’s two hometowns. Austerity is discussed, while glimpses are caught of volunteer stories and insight is provided into the Italian Resistance during WWII.


Christian Zanone / 10m / 2016 / Drama
Follow Sid, Sonic and Des, as they embark on a quest to shrug off the universal habits and addictions that they believe dog them in achieving equilibrium. Laugh along as they concoct a ‘programme’ towards self-improvement and fulfilling their dream

There’s an Italian language version of the above documentary as well as promotional work to  follow which will hopefully look at ways in which local media can safeguard good practice among artists to stem the rise of war mongering,bigotry and xenophobia now seeping through a lot of the developed world , sadly once again. When will we ever learn?
 My group Communact films link to facebook is here too!
P.S  We want to further our aims as a social interest group in the area of current affairs short documentaries and fiction film of both short and feature length so are looking at other streaming sites and ways to broadcast that highlight social mobility for no budget independent film makers. One idea was to extend my short documentary to a half hour length to feature what rebellious local media talent crews are doing to represent the uncensored stories of refugees helping the local communities they have entered, and the struggling immigrant population who are resisting the tide of disapproval from populist  movements’ sweeping across the world and even the hapless hungry journalists who may well be taking on their fair share of resisting the mass media monopoly by telling good positive stories about international volunteering. As most if not all of those behind the scenes and involved in front of the camera would be considered somewhat of a rebel. Then hopefully they are ‘Rebels with Good hearts!’